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Here’s the final concept and reference sheet for the character I’m working on with DCS.

And some idiot he’s into.

His name is Matt, though he pretty much only goes by his nickname “Nurse”, which he’s been going by for years. He grew up in an underwater city off the coast of the Hawaiian islands, and went to medical school for a while before coming back to Hawaii to live as a lazy lifeguard.

The second picture is just for the novelty of seeing the patterning on his thighs and his tattoo. It’s technically SFW, his genitalia are external but I just left them out for now.

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CHRIST I found this comic I made years ago about lee adama just riding a bike into space and it’s still as good as it was the day I made it

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I’ve got the canvas of that drawing I started open, and I wanna keep working on it, just like I wanna finish those buttons

but I’m also REALLY fucking tired like my eyes kind of hurt tired so I’m debating watching adventure time in bed or something instead

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Katherine Cky

League of Legends Tribute 2014
More than 120 artists united to create a tribute and celebrate the 2014 World Championship with exclusive fanarts!

My contribution for Rumble! Thankyou Giselle for the invite, and Arion Vox Arcana for all the hard work putting together this crazy tribute..! Do check out the facebook or tumblr page for the rest of the team’s awesome artwork!

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Artist: Mother Mother
Title: Very Good Bad Thing
Album: Very Good Bad Thing (Deluxe Version)

mother mother || very good bad thing

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I met johann face to face for the first time and it was incredible *A*!!!!!! what a wonderful day awoooo

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it’s foot for dinner

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